• Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Buy Penis Envy Mushrooms Is The Most Powerful Mushrooms

The Buy Penis Envy Mushrooms variety is one of the most powerful mushrooms on the market, surpassing the power of some of the most renowned mushrooms, be careful when handling them as they can make you travel.

Mushroom presents you the Penis Envy mushroom bread or also called Supa Envy by its producer, Penis Envy is one of those that contains the highest levels of psycholobin and pisolcine on the market, competing and surpassing varieties as powerful as the Yeti .

Morphology and cultivation of Penis Envy :

Morphologically, what will first stand out is its shape similar to a penis, as its name already indicates, leaving this aside, it is a mushroom with a large stem and a head that is small compared to the trunk, varying in color from white on the stem to brown on the head. It will also offer long mushrooms that can easily exceed 10 cm.

Penis Envy Boasts Unrivaled Potency :

Penis Ency comes from the Psilocybe cubensis family, a Family that has the highest levels of Psilocybin and psilocin on the market . Well, Buy Penis Envy Mushrooms has the highest values ​​within the family, becoming one of the most powerful Mushrooms on the market , with a capacity to produce hallucinations that can transport you three planets away from the trip.

For this Cogolandia reminds you that you have to have a lot of respect for Magic Mushrooms , and always use them by professionals for their manipulation.

Penis Envy Kit Contents :

The Bread comes inside a completely hermetic tupper to secure it and prevent it from being contaminated with any microorganisms from the environment and thus have the bread in perfect condition.

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How to use Penis Envy mushroom bread?

To cultivate, we will first remove the lid of the tupper, avoid breathing close to it or use a mask and thus we will avoid contaminating it, later we must humidify using a sprayer, not fill the tupper with water.

Then we will prepare the bag by throwing a little less than 2 glasses of water, and we will introduce the already humidified Tupperware inside. Once everything is inside, we will seal the bag with the 2 closing clips. Remember to open the bag 2 or 3 times a day to change the air.

After 7 or 10 days you will get the first harvest of mushrooms. To cut it use a knife to avoid contamination, if you already have experience you can do it with a little twist with your hands, try not to damage the mycelium, similar to the roots of plants.If after the first harvest you want to continue harvesting, you just have to spray again, and a second harvest and even a third time will appear.

To achieve optimal conditions, we will try to achieve a temperature around 20 or 25 Cº. With the natural photoperiod, if we want to grow indoors we must create a photoperiod of 12 hours of light to 12 hours in the dark.

If we decide to use a propagator, instead of the mycological kit bag, we will only have to add 1 or 2 glasses of water to its base, and we will introduce the tupperware.