• Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

In This Case, Am I Also A ‘Vases’?

 “The family situation that has become difficult due to COVID-19, there is no one to blame, so the tantrum that I was holding back seems to explode without any attempts.”

“My heart is like a time bomb with the message that only one person should be caught”

Anger control disorder, characterized by an inability to hold back anger over trivial matters and aggressive behavior  how to buy shroom Canada.

 If you do not manage your emotions in this way, several impulse disorders occur. If left unattended, this kind of stress called hwabyeong can lead to not only violence but also depression, so you need to be careful.

Kim Jong-woo (oriental neuropsychiatry), director of the Oriental Medicine Mental Health Center at Kyunghee University Gangdong Hospital, said, “Recently, Hwa-byeong not only becomes a disease by not being angry, but also an impulsive disorder that is unable to tolerate anger. The anger-expressing patients who come to us complain of difficulties in daily life and emotional pain.”

When should I go to the hospital for a vase?

It is not easy to recognize one’s feelings as a disease and find a hospital. However, if your daily life is difficult due to constant anger, like the following, it is better to seek an expert and get an accurate diagnosis.

Uncontrolled feelings of resentment and resentment, reacting to trivial stimuli or even getting angry at others unrelated to stress

-If you have been diagnosed with depression (mood disorder) and are receiving treatment, but the treatment is not working well and you have physical symptoms such as stuffiness and swelling